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CD Projekt Red takes the wraps off Cyberpunk 2077

And CD Projekt Red storms into the early lead in the race for 2013’s Trailer of the Year!

Okay, okay – let’s pick our jaws up off the ground and be objective for a second here. Does it show any actual gameplay? Nope. Is there any hint as to how the game might play? Not really, no. On the other hand – is this not the same studio that gave us The Witcher and its celebrated sequel? Yes, yes it is! And are they also not generally all-around good guys (as well as being behind the treasure trove that is Yep!

So, on the whole, I’d say a certain measure of elation is justified here. To be honest, I would’ve been happy with just an announcement that CD Projekt Red was making another game, any game. A game based on the classic pen-and-paper Cyberpunk 2020 would have me rather curious. An open-world multi-thread nonlinear RPG called Cyberpunk 2077, which openly claims inspiration from Blade Runner? My cup runneth over, friends – think Vesuvius.

If you’d like to see a little more about this trailer’s journey from concept to what you just watched – and who wouldn’t? – click here. Very cool indeed.


Borderlands 2’s Handsome Jack is just asking for it

Quite literally, as you’ll see in the above trailer. Handsome Jack isn’t too worried about the motley quartet coming his way. Feel free to change his mind this September. With extreme prejudice.

(Seriously, dude calls himself Handsome Jack? If you didn’t have a reason before, you do now.)

The Ides of May


I’m going away for awhile…I might be some time.

For You, My Friend, Special Price – Morrowind & Oblivion half off on Steam

Are you burdened with an over-abundance of free time? Is all that liberty getting to you? Salvation is at hand, friends, as Steam has announced that The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion will be available at a 50% discount for the rest of the week! For a little under $20, you’ll be getting the Game of the Year editions of these two venerable RPGs, as well as the perfect excuse to not talk to anybody for weeks on end.

If you’re the suspicious sort who believes that things that sound too good to be true usually are, worry not – there is a reason for this alarming generosity; it serves to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Morrowind. There, isn’t that nice? (Also, kudos re: the paranoia; you’ll probably outlive the rest of us.)

Baldur’s Gate : Enhanced Edition Releases This Summer

So sayeth we all.

Finally, the speculation can be laid to rest. The Baldur’s Gate : Enhanced Edition, as is helpfully proclaimed above, will be coming your way in summer 2012. That alone would be cause for much celebration amongst D&D aficionados, but it was closely followed by news that Baldur’s Gate II would be receiving the Enhanced Edition treatment as well! Here’s what we know so far :

  • Both Enhanced Editions are being handled by Overhaul Games, the development division of Beamdog (the developer in charge of the MDK HD remakes, amongst others). Atari (publishing) and Wizards of the Coast (licensing) will be involved as well.
  • As borne out by this tweet from Trent Oster, Beamdog’s creative director, Baldur’s Gate : Enhanced Edition will include the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion; similarly, Throne of Bhaal will be included in Baldur’s Gate II : Enhanced Edition.
  • As of now, there’s no release window for Baldur’s Gate II : Enhanced Edition.
  • Baldur’s Gate : Enhanced Edition will contain new, original content (including new characters!) and some of the original developers will be helping out.
  • If you’re still carrying around your original Baldur’s Gate/Baldur’s Gate II save games, we would’ve said you need to move on a couple of days ago; but not any more, because you can totally use them with the Enhanced Edition! (as of now, anyway)
  • The multiplayer system will be completely overhauled and reworked.
  • Just like the originals, the Enhanced Editions will utilize the 2nd Edition D&D rule-set.
  • Both the remakes will be based on the source code from Throne of Bhaal; so a lot of the tweaks and updates from there should make their way into the Baldur’s Gate : Enhanced Edition.

I don’t know about you guys, but I call that a win!

The official announcement can be seen in all its glory past the break.

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Evil Is Back – Diablo III Will Be Unleashed on May 15th

The news we’ve all been waiting for – Diablo III will release on May 15th. That’s a mere two – two! – months from now; and what’s more, you can pre-purchase it right this very instant over on and download it in advance of the release date so that you can be ready to play the minute the servers go live.

Twelve years. It’s been twelve years since Diablo II, and eleven since Lord of Destruction. I’ve been waiting for Diablo III almost as long as I’ve been playing games. My pre-order’s done, my download should be starting in the next few minutes. Two more months of waiting, and then…see you in Tristram!

Baldur’s Gate : Back From The Dead?

Sing, all ye Bhaalspawn!

The Baldur’s Gate series is held by many – myself included – to be one of the finest RPG franchises of all time. So, you can understand the immediate interest when went live a few days ago, bearing the above image and playing the original game’s theme music. In the background, you can see some faded character portraits; if I remember correctly, they look a lot like the portraits you could choose to represent your character.

More information can be found in the page’s source code, which I’ve posted after the break.

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