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A link to the past, courtesy L.A. Noire

Over on Eurogamer, Chris Donlan’s written a wonderful article about how the world of L.A. Noire took his father back down memory lane to 1940s Los Angeles, the town he grew up in. It’s a moving article, and it’s also a tip of the hat towards Team Bondi and the painstaking efforts they’ve taken to recreate the city as it was then. This is one of those moments when games transcend the medium they’re constructed as and become something so much more. Go check it out!


Game Informer’s editor gets to see GTA V, drowns under waves of Internet jealousy

According to the above tweet, Andy McNamara will by now have gotten his hands on GTA V, making him eminently eligible for death-by-envy. On the bright side, this means that we should be hearing more about Rockstar’s long-awaited creation fairly soon. (First week of November, according to Kotaku!)

A Day in the Life of Max Payne

There’s a ‘fall guy’ joke here that’s just waiting to be made.