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Darksiders 2 trailer is a study in self-awareness

Given that the character you’ll play in Darksiders 2 is Death himself, it’s safe to assume that there will be some dyin’. In the above video, Lead Combat Designer Ben Cureton explains how you can make yourself happen to your enemies (whether singly, multiple or boss-like) in a myriad of ways.

Thanks to the good folks over at  e-xpress Interactive Software, a copy of Darksiders 2 should be winging its way towards me as I type. Time, weather and apocalypse permitting, my review of the same will be up shortly. Watch this space!


Borderlands 2’s Handsome Jack is just asking for it

Quite literally, as you’ll see in the above trailer. Handsome Jack isn’t too worried about the motley quartet coming his way. Feel free to change his mind this September. With extreme prejudice.

(Seriously, dude calls himself Handsome Jack? If you didn’t have a reason before, you do now.)

FIFA 13 is better with Kinect, won’t take that kinda language from you any longer

…really? Wow. So Electronic Arts, in all their wisdom, have decided to add Kinect functionality to FIFA 13. You can substitute players through voice commands, change formations on the fly and other fantastic edge-of-the-seat stuff. But that’s not all, folks! If – as so often happens during a match of FIFA – you feel compelled at some point to inform the referee, the TV, Electronic Arts and every living thing in creation that they’re a bunch of cheating $#%@$#^ @!$#%!$@#% !$@%!@$#%!@$ (and foithermore) their #@$!@# isn’t worth a @#$%#$% your mom @#$!%!$@#% Lake Superior #!@~$#!%!#$%…the game will now hear you. They SAY you won’t get carded, but saucy language will affect the referee’s strictness towards your team for the duration of the match; as well as potentially having longer-term ramifications in the Career mode.

Yes, FIFA 13 is now introducing consequences for those who cuss a referee’s decision.

Which, at last count, was every football fan ever.

(I happen to know at least three people who’ve probably spontaneously combusted at the mere thought of this.)

THAT WAS NEVER A @#$%@#$%ING PENALTY, YOU – You have been signed out of the PlayStation Network. Please sign in again once you’ve washed your mouth out with soap.

Armored Kill DLC trailer proves that Battlefield 3 hasn’t forgotten its roots

The main appeal of the Battlefield series – for me, anyway – was always about vehicular violence. Headshot from halfway across the map? Pfft, anybody could do that. Running over an enemy with a tank on his own aircraft carrier? Now that’s something to tell the grandchildren. Vehicles just make everything better, and this latest trailer for the Armored Kill DLC proves that. Coming this September, Armored Kill will bring five new vehicles to the battlefield, as well as a whole bunch of vehicle-related unlocks. Road warriors, saddle up.
Oh, and in case you were wondering just how awesome vehicular combat can be, watch this.

Meet the cast of Sleeping Dogs

As Uncharted, Mass Effect and the Arkham series have all proved, a quality cast of voice-actors can really take a game that one step closer towards being something truly special. This looks to be a lesson that Sleeping Dogs took to heart – featuring the voices of Tom Wilkinson (Batman Begins, RocknRolla), Emma Stone (The Amazing Spider-Man), Kelly Hu (X-Men 2) and Lucy Liu (Charlie’s Angels[!]), among others.

Snoop Dogg is in Tekken Tournament 2, did you know his first name was Calvin?

One day, Snoop Dogg woke up and decided that he wanted to be in a videogame. (It’s possible that he was inspired by this video, but we may never know.) And because he is Snoop Dogg, it was done. The game  in question? Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Now, while most celebrities would be content with a cameo appearance as a fighter, Mr. Dogg is not most celebrities. As the above trailer showcases, El Perro Grande will be the centrepiece of an entire stage in the September release. He will, of course, be accompanied by the requisite bevy of gardening implements – as any self-respecting rapper would – and has also composed an original theme for the stage’s background music. This is not the first time the worlds of music and gaming have intersected – we’ve had good, bad and ugly. Full press release after the break.

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Borderlands 2 continues the fine musical tradition of its predecessor

Borderlands built quite a reputation for itself ahead of its launch through the release of some rather cool trailers. Apart from showcasing the game’s quirky awesomeness, these trailers also tended to feature good, catchy music. I’m happy to report that Borderlands 2 looks set to carry on in that vein, bringing a touch of musical…grace to Pandora’s hostile lands.

If you’re feeling too depressed to brave the even-more-hazardous wasteland that is YouTube’s comments section, click on past the break for 2 of my favourite Borderlands trailers (and, by extension, two of my favourite trailers.)

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Sleeping Dogs Go For A Drive

Sleeping Dogs, also known as the reincarnation of True Crime: Hong Kong, has a new trailer out. This one focuses primarily on the driving aspect of the game, and features a variety of high-speed shenanigans. From the look of things, Sleeping Dogs seems like it’s going to be in the same sort of physical universe as Just Cause and Saints Row; which is to say that you needn’t worry about the laws of physics getting in between you and a good time.

Full press release after the break.

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