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Portal 2’s Perpetual Testing Initiative DLC Is Never Going To Give You Up

If you needed a reason to dust off your copy of Portal 2, here you go : Aperture Science is about to introduce the Perpetual Testing Initiative, as Cave Johnson announces with his customary style in the above trailer. On one level, this announcement is about the release of free DLC that will let players create and share their own Portal puzzles; and, on another level, it’s about Aperture Science taking outsourcing to new levels by conning the Multiverse (as depicted by a rather pathetic cephalopod) into doing its dirty work for it. What it’s really about, however, is the fact that once user-created puzzles start hitting the Steam Workshop, Valve/Aperture (it’s getting harder to tell them apart, isn’t it?) is going to have you testing for a long, long time.

You won’t really care too much about that, though, because Cave Johnson laughs at an octopus. No, really.

Full press release after the break.

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Vessel Releases, Why You Should Care

Fans of puzzle-platformers, take note – Vessel is now available for purchase on PC, through either Steam or the Strange Loop Games website. (There’s also a demo available for download via Steam.) Purchasing it from the developer nets you a DRM-free copy of the game plus a Steam code. Also, until March 8th, it’s available for $13.49, or 10% off its $15 price. Unfortunately, there’s still no official release date for the PSN/XBLA versions.

What is Vessel, and why should you be interested in it? Take a look at this :

The game looks absolutely gorgeous, and the mechanics are quite interesting. I haven’t been this excited about a platformer since Limbo. As soon as I finish it, I’ll be doing a full review; until then, you can try the demo out for yourselfon Steam.