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Quake 3 Arena – still excellent after all these years


The beauty of Quake 3, and the reason it still enjoys a fanatical following today, lies in its simplicity. No matter how elite the opposition, you always felt like you had a chance; that you were only ever a respawn away from having things just click into place for you, like long-range rockets on Q3DM17.

And then you got railed/humiliated/gibbed.

Still, that glorious simplicity meant that hope sprang eternal, and you just had to keep coming back for more. Considering some of the luminaries I played with, I was usually little more than a free frag (think guppy in a pond of piranhas) but the temptation of hearing those wonderful words – YOU HAVE TAKEN THE LEAD – was irresistible.

Over on GamesRadar, David Houghton calls Quake 3 ‘one of the greatest games ever made‘; and, I have to say, the man’s got a point. Check it out!


A link to the past, courtesy L.A. Noire

Over on Eurogamer, Chris Donlan’s written a wonderful article about how the world of L.A. Noire took his father back down memory lane to 1940s Los Angeles, the town he grew up in. It’s a moving article, and it’s also a tip of the hat towards Team Bondi and the painstaking efforts they’ve taken to recreate the city as it was then. This is one of those moments when games transcend the medium they’re constructed as and become something so much more. Go check it out!

By the time you read this, it’ll be too late to stop Retro City Rampage

If you took around two decades worth of nostalgia and lovingly shaped it into something equal parts labour of love and tongue-in-cheek tribute, you’d have something almost as awesome as Retro City Rampage; which, after years and years of development, is finally out. This can either be seen as a victory for sheer willpower and the guts one guy had to make his vision a reality, or another opportunity to wreak havoc in an urban environment – perhaps in an old-school fashion? Joking aside, this is a legitimately spectacular achievement and it looks to be a pretty awesome game to boot!

Wolfenstein 3D is 20 today; doesn’t that just make you feel old

Achtung, baby.

Here’s to the rather-unfortunately-nicknamed William “B.J” Blazkowicz, the granddaddy of bad-ass protagonists. He was shooting Nazis (in a first-person perspective, too!) before it was cool.

Before I get all teary-eyed here, let me just say that Wolfenstein 3D turns 20 today; and how better to celebrate than by making it available for everybody to play through their browser? That’s right, the shooter that started it all for so many of us is now just a couple of clicks away; the first of which can be found right here. Now, I’m just going to huddle in a corner and contemplate my incipient mortality, but you should click on past the break to see a developer’s commentary video of Wolf 3D narrated by John Carmack himself; as well as Wolfenstein’s original DOS box art in all its glory.

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Go Right – This is what we do

Gaming’s changed a lot through the years; but through it all, some fundamental tenets have stayed true.

Red barrels blow up, this is known; people standing around town with exclamation marks over their heads usually have something to say to you; and Nazis suck, all the way from the Wolfenstein variety (alive) through to the Call of Duty variant (not so much).

Even before all of these, however, there was one mandate, one prime directive, one basic impulse that kept us forging onward.

Go right, my son.