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A Day in the Life of Max Payne

There’s a ‘fall guy’ joke here that’s just waiting to be made.


This is Max Payne 3’s launch trailer (where ‘launch’ means ‘no, not yet’)

Payne. Payne never changes.

Or at least, that’s what the theme of Max Payne 3’s launch trailer seems to be. I wasn’t really paying attention to anything besides that wonderful, wonderful music.


So, a Max Payne 3 press kit arrived this morning…

Yeah. That’s just how I roll 😀

More pictures after the break!

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A First Look At Max Payne 3’s Multiplayer

The latest in Rockstar’s ongoing series of Max Payne 3 videos gives us our first look at the multiplayer. For an atmospheric story-driven game like Max Payne, creating a solid multiplayer component was always going to be a challenge; and that’s without even taking into account just how tough the proper implementation of bullet-time must be. Either way, it looks like Rockstar’s putting some effort into this, so hopefully it won’t be just some tacked-on, half-assed feature that was only included for the sake of an extra bullet-point on the box.

In related news, Dan Houser (co-founder of Rockstar) spoke to IGN recently about the differences between designing  Rockstar’s traditional open-world sandbox games as compared to more linear experiences, such as Max Payne. He also talks about ‘Crews’, Max Payne 3’s equivalent of online clans, how they work and – most interestingly – how they’ll carry over to Grand Theft Auto V when it releases this…well, whenever it releases.