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High above the mucky-muck, castle made of clouds, there sits Owlboy

And while he may not have much to say due to his lofty location, he can afford to let his world speak for itself, because would you look at it?! Gorgeous was the first word to spring to mind, but it hardly does Owlboy justice. And that’s without taking into account the music, which is quite awesome in its own right. It’s not often a game goes from ‘I’ve never heard of that’ to ‘OMG when is this coming out?’ in the space of a single trailer, but Owlboy’s managed it as far as I’m concerned. Watch this!

Cyberpunk + awesome electronic music = Stealer

Where did that come from? Well, from a man known as Winged Doom over in Russia, who’s apparently got quite the reputation among the indie developer crowd. And, on the basis of the above trailer, it’s easy to see why! While there isn’t too much hinting as to how Stealer is actually going to play, a trailer that looks this pretty – mind you, for a game that’s still more concept than concrete – deserves to be applauded. And watched, and rewatched. Seriously, that music.

And ‘awesome electronic music’ is not a phrase I tend to use often.