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Okay, this is the last GIF, I promise!

So. it turns out that life tends to get in the way of gaming, just a little bit. Who knew?

Kidding aside, Friendly Fire’s been down for longer than I’d like. That said, I might’ve needed the break. I’d like to say I’ve used the hiatus to rest and build up my energy for the new year, but well…let’s just say my body wasn’t ready.

All of this to say that…

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Happy new year!

Do the Waltz!

I hope 2013 brings you happiness equal to the above image, dear readers – we should all be so lucky!

Here’s looking at you, kids!

You and you and mostly me and you!

21 days before the world ends, I manage to hit a hundred posts. Well, you can’t say I lack a sense of timing, eh?