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FIFA 13 is better with Kinect, won’t take that kinda language from you any longer

…really? Wow. So Electronic Arts, in all their wisdom, have decided to add Kinect functionality to FIFA 13. You can substitute players through voice commands, change formations on the fly and other fantastic edge-of-the-seat stuff. But that’s not all, folks! If – as so often happens during a match of FIFA – you feel compelled at some point to inform the referee, the TV, Electronic Arts and every living thing in creation that they’re a bunch of cheating $#%@$#^ @!$#%!$@#% !$@%!@$#%!@$ (and foithermore) their #@$!@# isn’t worth a @#$%#$% your mom @#$!%!$@#% Lake Superior #!@~$#!%!#$%…the game will now hear you. They SAY you won’t get carded, but saucy language will affect the referee’s strictness towards your team for the duration of the match; as well as potentially having longer-term ramifications in the Career mode.

Yes, FIFA 13 is now introducing consequences for those who cuss a referee’s decision.

Which, at last count, was every football fan ever.

(I happen to know at least three people who’ve probably spontaneously combusted at the mere thought of this.)

THAT WAS NEVER A @#$%@#$%ING PENALTY, YOU – You have been signed out of the PlayStation Network. Please sign in again once you’ve washed your mouth out with soap.