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17 minutes of explosive Battlefield 4 gameplay is (totally) eclipsed by Bonnie Tyler

Look, EA, DICE, whoever – I’m willing to buy that Battlefield 4’s spec ops dudes have been throwing themselves off buildings for years, until they’ve built up an immunity towards fall damage and can treat a collapsing factory roof as nothing more than a mild annoyance. I can also believe that – in a touching homage to those fallen G.I. Joes at the back of the cupboard – these fine soldiers now come with detachable limbs that can be severed with merely a flick of a (friendly) knife, thus making battlefield – hah – surgeries but a moment’s work.

But do you really expect me to believe that these men, these highly trained professionals, can’t turn a goddamn radio off?

That’s the sort of rookie mistake that Call of Duty wouldn’t make, you mark my words.

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Because urban planning can look like crap in HD, SimCity gets the Instagram treatment

Hipsters all up in my SimCity? Never thought I’d see the day. Still, this is pretty cool – Ocean Quigley, Creative Director at Maxis, recently took to his blog to show off the variety of filters you can implement in your SimCity game. The filters range from ‘Juicy’, seen above, to my personal favourite, ‘Black & Red’, which you can see after the break. Apart from looking pretty cool and allowing you to customize your SimCity experience just the way you want it, these filters also make SimCity more accessible to colourblind gamers, as Kotaku points out. And that’s worthy of applause in its own right.

If you’d rather not browse through (dapper Danny) Ocean Quigley’s – seriously, how awesome is that name? – blog, here are the links to the relevant posts:

Color Filters!

More filters

Even more filters

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FIFA 13 is better with Kinect, won’t take that kinda language from you any longer

…really? Wow. So Electronic Arts, in all their wisdom, have decided to add Kinect functionality to FIFA 13. You can substitute players through voice commands, change formations on the fly and other fantastic edge-of-the-seat stuff. But that’s not all, folks! If – as so often happens during a match of FIFA – you feel compelled at some point to inform the referee, the TV, Electronic Arts and every living thing in creation that they’re a bunch of cheating $#%@$#^ @!$#%!$@#% !$@%!@$#%!@$ (and foithermore) their #@$!@# isn’t worth a @#$%#$% your mom @#$!%!$@#% Lake Superior #!@~$#!%!#$%…the game will now hear you. They SAY you won’t get carded, but saucy language will affect the referee’s strictness towards your team for the duration of the match; as well as potentially having longer-term ramifications in the Career mode.

Yes, FIFA 13 is now introducing consequences for those who cuss a referee’s decision.

Which, at last count, was every football fan ever.

(I happen to know at least three people who’ve probably spontaneously combusted at the mere thought of this.)

THAT WAS NEVER A @#$%@#$%ING PENALTY, YOU – You have been signed out of the PlayStation Network. Please sign in again once you’ve washed your mouth out with soap.

Armored Kill DLC trailer proves that Battlefield 3 hasn’t forgotten its roots

The main appeal of the Battlefield series – for me, anyway – was always about vehicular violence. Headshot from halfway across the map? Pfft, anybody could do that. Running over an enemy with a tank on his own aircraft carrier? Now that’s something to tell the grandchildren. Vehicles just make everything better, and this latest trailer for the Armored Kill DLC proves that. Coming this September, Armored Kill will bring five new vehicles to the battlefield, as well as a whole bunch of vehicle-related unlocks. Road warriors, saddle up.
Oh, and in case you were wondering just how awesome vehicular combat can be, watch this.

Crysis 3 – First Look

Crytek and EA have released a first gameplay trailer for Crysis 3. The game, which was announced last week, takes place in a ruined and overgrown version of New York City. For fans of the series, this might well be reason for optimism, as this might help Crysis 3 pull off that Predator-esque vibe that the first game so memorably had (and the second one, well….didn’t). And, while we’re being optimistic, we might as well hope for a return to the original game’s sandbox gameplay, right?

It doesn’t look a whole lot different from Crysis 2, it has to be said. Still, it’s early days yet; there’s plenty of time to see if the latest member of the Crysis family lives up to that ‘3’ on the end.

Crysis 3 Will Decloak in Spring 2013

Crysis 3 was officially announced by EA and Crytek earlier today. The ‘premier sandbox shooter experience of 2013’ will once again return to New York; however, it looks set to be a different New York from the one we saw in Crysis 2. Players will step into the nanosuit of Prophet as he wages a one-man war of retribution; and woe betide any Ceph or human fool enough to get in his way. If they had you at ‘Crysis 3’ and you don’t want to waste your time with any more of this ‘announcement’ thing, the game is actually up for pre-order right now on Origin.

Personally, I thought Crysis 2 was a step down from Crysis; maybe it was just the curse of the sequel striking again, but it lacked that magic that the first game had. Be that as it may, the Crysis series was never going to go away; and Crysis 3 might just return it to its former pre-eminence. That might just be my optimism speaking, but here’s yet another reason to hope that those pesky Mayans got it wrong.

Check out the full press release (as well as another picture of Prophet wielding that sweet bow) after the break.

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New SimCity Will Reticulate Your Splines in 2013

If, like me, you have fond memories of whiling away hours in SimCity 2000 – or, indeed, any of those lighthearted simulations with a ‘Sim-‘ on the front – you’ve got one more reason to pray that the Mayans got it wrong. Accompanied by the above trailer, Electronic Arts and Maxis have announced a new SimCity game at this year’s Game Developers Conference. As of now, there’s no word on whether this new title (which is already available for preorder on Origin) marks a reboot of the SimCity series, or if this game will slot into the lineup as SimCity 5. Either way, for those of you who might be concerned about whether the franchise’s trademark zany sense of humour is still alive and kicking, here’s a quote from Maxis Senior Vice President Lucy Bradshaw : “You never know when a giant lizard might just trundle around the corner and kick the buildings down.”

Welcome back, SimCity. We’ve missed you.

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