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Come the revolution, all box art will be made using Clip Art and Comic Sans


And the revolution is already underway, over on NeoGAF and Tumblr!

For the sloths among ye, I’ve embedded some of the more…breathtaking pieces after the break.

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More than meets the eye

Gaming elicits a number of reactions. In my life alone, I’ve seen it derided, dismissed as childishness and (occasionally) held up as the Root of all Evil. Thing is, though, it’s a world of near-unlimited possibilities to me. There’s a certain kind of joy you find when plunging headlong off the beaten path, such as throwing a fridge at someone’s head in the original Deus Ex or finding John Romero’s head in Doom II or wandering through the Secret Cow Level or…the list is endless. Throw another person into the mix, and gaming can be a very very special experience indeed.

Over on Kotaku, Kate Cox has written a piece that pretty much sums this up. Go read it. And then, go play a game. Have fun. Be a White Scarf to somebody. Griefing will never go away, but that choice – and a million others – is yours to make.

(Oh, and if you haven’t already, play Journey.)

When it rains, it pours – Deus Ex film rights picked up by CBS Films

Looks the part, doesn't he?

Well well well. Just days after the Assassin’s Creed movie got a shot in the arm comes word that CBS Films have picked up the film rights for the Deus Ex franchise and intend to produce a movie based on Human Revolution, the latest game in the series. They plan on working closely with Eidos Montreal, the team behind Human Revolution, in the production of the film; which, if it’s true, would be another victory for common sense in, what, just under a week? She canna take it, captain! Jokes aside, this is what Terry Press, co-president of CBS Films had to say:

“No one knows ‘Human Revolution’ like the team that created it, and we look forward to working with them from day one to make a film adaptation worthy of the ‘Deus Ex’ name.

Let’s hope that’s what we get.

Adrian Askarieh’s name has already been linked to the project, which would make it the third game-based film he’s associated with (the others being Hitman – yes, I know – and the upcoming Kane & Lynch adaptation). A little snooping revealed that CBS Films are the guys behind Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, The Women in Black and…The Mechanic. Starring Jason Statham. Worryingly, further investigation turns up the fact that Dwayne Johnson, Jennifer Lopez and some woman from High School Musical have all starred in (fairly) recent CBS Films productions. Gulp.

You know what? Even if the worst happens – even if, say, we get Arnold Schwarzenegger as Adam Jensen (I never asked for zis!) – the film can be salvaged with the help of one little YouTube video, which I’ve embedded after the break.

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