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God of War Returns With ‘Ascension’

Everyone’s favourite Spartan with anger issues is making a comeback, as revealed by the above teaser trailer. Posted to the PlayStation Blog earlier today, the teaser reveals that Ascension will be set sometime before Kratos becomes the terrifying Ghost of Sparta. (Somehow, though, I think the game will still involve copious amounts of violence; call it a hunch.) More will be revealed via a live streaming event on Monday, April 30th.

I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, there’s going to be more God of War – and I do love God of War – but, on the other, I thought that God of War III wrapped things up to the point where the franchise was done, and I was okay with that. Not because I was sick of it, but because it was a satisfying resolution to the story that had been building momentum for three games. (Mass Effect says hel-…what? Too soon?) The fact that it’s a prequel means that they’re not messing with the established canon of the last game, which is a huge plus for me. Then again, that’s a double-edged sword – I, along with quite a few others on the Internet, am simply having trouble mustering enthusiasm for Ascension because of that very fact – did God of War really need another prequel?

Ah well. In Santa Monica Studios I trust. More to come on the 30th of April.

On another note, is it just me or was it strangely comforting to hear Gaia’s voice again? I should get that voice actress to narrate my dreams. Her, and Samuel L. Jackson. (They speak English in ‘What’?!)