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If it’s Quake 3, you might as well jump

If, like me, you’re still bathed in the warm (rocket-fueled) glow of nostalgia from yesterday’s Quake 3 love-in, then you’ll probably enjoy this video as much as I did. It’s always fun to watch just how far dedicated players can push a game’s boundaries, and stuff like this is a large part of why Quake 3’s still going strong 14 years after release.


Quake 3 Arena – still excellent after all these years


The beauty of Quake 3, and the reason it still enjoys a fanatical following today, lies in its simplicity. No matter how elite the opposition, you always felt like you had a chance; that you were only ever a respawn away from having things just click into place for you, like long-range rockets on Q3DM17.

And then you got railed/humiliated/gibbed.

Still, that glorious simplicity meant that hope sprang eternal, and you just had to keep coming back for more. Considering some of the luminaries I played with, I was usually little more than a free frag (think guppy in a pond of piranhas) but the temptation of hearing those wonderful words – YOU HAVE TAKEN THE LEAD – was irresistible.

Over on GamesRadar, David Houghton calls Quake 3 ‘one of the greatest games ever made‘; and, I have to say, the man’s got a point. Check it out!

Deadpool will quip his way through your fourth wall in 2013

Yes, the Merc with a Mouth is finally getting his own game – and, as befits a character with that moniker, it’s going to be bloody, over-the-top and filled with enough one-liners to give Duke Nukem a complex. Announced at the San Diego Comic Con 2012 with the above trailer, the game will be developed by High Moon Studios (the guys who do the Transformer games), produced by Activision (the guys who do the Call of Duty games), and will feature Nolan North (the guy who does everything in every game, ever) in the titular role.

No more details were forthcoming, unless you count that…rather forthright invitation to Wolverine near the end of the trailer. Code, perhaps? Nah.