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How The Gunstringer came to be

Apart from being a rather popular game, 2011’s The Gunstringer is notable for being the product of possibly the greatest game-development story I’ve heard yet. Here’s an excerpt from Justin McElroy’s version of the tale:

“I’m going to go to the restroom,” said Microsoft’s Cherie Lutz, “but when I get back I really want to hear this new idea.”

“Oh yeah, it’s awesome, can’t wait.”

Twisted Pixel chief creative officer Josh Bear had responded with abounding confidence, if only to mask the truth. Because the fact of the matter, the fact that he and CEO Mike Wilford were all too aware of, as they sat in Redmond, WA Tex-Mex restaurant The Matador, was this: The idea wasn’t “awesome.” It was nonexistent.

What followed was a rather epic tale of balls-to-the-wall, fly-by-wire, skin-of-teeth, extremely-hyphenated badassery, and one you should read. In case you missed the earlier link, click here to read Justin McElroy’s article over on Joystiq.