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It’s dangerous to go alone – here, take this March Survival Guide

Are you an Oxford comma in disguise?

I didn’t actually realize it, but March 2013 may just be the month that my brain is finally melted by video games.

BioShock Infinite, SimCity, Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm, God of War: Ascension, Tomb Raider, and Gears of War: Judgement; and that by no means is the complete list. Two sequels, two prequels and two reboots; about all they have in common is that you could slap the words ‘hotly-anticipated’ in front of each and every one of them. Any two of those in a month would make it a good one for gaming (and you could argue that Starcraft and BioShock don’t even need any company). All of them? Gods of gaming, my cup runneth over; however, my wallet does not.

To ensure that you’ll be heading into this gauntlet with your eyes wide open, Kotaku’s Jason Schreier has composed a handy March Survival Guide – check it out!

!#@!ing hell, I’m still playing Crysis 3!

Quake 3 Arena – still excellent after all these years


The beauty of Quake 3, and the reason it still enjoys a fanatical following today, lies in its simplicity. No matter how elite the opposition, you always felt like you had a chance; that you were only ever a respawn away from having things just click into place for you, like long-range rockets on Q3DM17.

And then you got railed/humiliated/gibbed.

Still, that glorious simplicity meant that hope sprang eternal, and you just had to keep coming back for more. Considering some of the luminaries I played with, I was usually little more than a free frag (think guppy in a pond of piranhas) but the temptation of hearing those wonderful words – YOU HAVE TAKEN THE LEAD – was irresistible.

Over on GamesRadar, David Houghton calls Quake 3 ‘one of the greatest games ever made‘; and, I have to say, the man’s got a point. Check it out!

In Metro: Last Light’s Russia, there are no Sundays

A weary Russian voice reading the opening to ‘Genesis’ isn’t the usual soundtrack for a game trailer, but it sure works for Metro: Last Light. I’m itching to step back into Artyom’s shoes, and this trailer doesn’t help. Metro 2033 is one of the more underrated games of the past couple of years; let’s hope that Last Light can polish up that legacy a bit. Speaking of which, I’d be remiss if I didn’t inform you that you can snag yourself a free copy of Metro 2033 simply by liking this Facebook page. (and I highly recommend you do so!)

Bonus reading – over on Kotaku, Jason Schreier’s written an article titled ‘Thirteen Things You Should Know About Metro: Last Light‘. One of his observations made me laugh out loud, and I’m going to quote it here in the hopes that it’ll convince you to head on over and have a look:

8. In the bar, your character can sit next to a homely, somewhat overweight woman. As you drink, she’ll get skinnier and more attractive. Classy!

And finally – how about that box art, eh? I quite like it!

That’s What They Said – The Ten Commandments Of Video Game Menus

He’s rapidly becoming my favourite writer on, and Kirk Hamilton knocks it out of the park yet again with this rant of Biblical proportions about what not to do when it comes to game menus. I’m with him on pretty much every point, except the last one – I liked the Max Payne quit screens! No further ado, just click on over and check it out.

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That’s What They Said – Games Are Best When Things Go Wrong

Jim Rossignol, over on Rock Paper Shotgun, has described how the games that keep yanking the floor out from under his feet are the ones he keeps going back to. I agree wholeheartedly with that sentiment, and the possible masochism it implies, but he really had me when he mentioned XCOM. (It doesn’t hurt that I’ve been wanting to try out FTL and Day Z for quite awhile, either!) If those tidbits of information combined with the quote ‘death-simulation anecdote generator’ aren’t enough to make you click on this link and read it yourself, you’re doing it wrong.