Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is now official, here’s the debut trailer

Bringing to an end one of the lengthier sagas in video game announcements, a bandage-swaddled Hideo Kojima took to the stage at GDC to officially announce Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The above trailer features footage from both the earlier Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes trailers, confirming that both ‘games’ were merely smokescreens. Kojima also played through a section of the tutorial on stage, which I’ve linked to here:

Click on past the break for a rundown on everything we know about Metal Gear Solid V.

1) The Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes are both parts of Metal Gear Solid V.

Kojima clarified that Ground Zeroes serves as the prologue of Metal Gear Solid V, and is followed by The Phantom Pain (the main component, as you might’ve guessed from the title of the game) nine years later. Snake/Big Boss (more on this later) spends those nine years in a coma, and the gameplay video above shows Kojima playing through the tutorial section at the beginning of The Phantom Pain. While Ground Zeroes will be relatively linear, The Phantom Pain will be open-world(!).

2) Just who are we dealing with here?

Although Kojima did name-drop Snake a couple of times, there are reasons to question the identity of Metal Gear Solid V‘s protagonist. Firstly, David Hayter – who’s voiced Solid Snake ever since the original MGS – wasn’t asked to reprise his iconic role. Hayter did voice Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker – however, an older Big Boss was voiced by Richard Doyle in Metal Gear Solid 4. If Snake is actually the protagonist of this game, then not including Hayter is a move that’s sure to upset most of the fans; whereas a new voice actor for Big Boss might be easier to stomach. Kiefer Sutherland has been confirmed as the voice of ‘Ishmael’, the bandaged character who helps you in the hospital tutorial; whether he’ll have a larger part to play remains to be seen.

3) Holy hell, that Fox Engine looks gorgeous.

Seriously, just look at this GIF that Kotaku put up:

Hubba hubba.

A real-time day/night cycle. Dynamic weather. Huge emphasis on photo-realism. It all sounds ambitious, but it all looks very good indeed. In fact, the only problem is that it looks too good…

4) We don’t know nothing about no next-gen.

As of now, Metal Gear Solid V will only release on the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360, which is…surprising. Can the Fox Engine actually get this much out of relatively old hardware? Why ignore the PlayStation 4 completely? The demo Kojima showed was running on a PC, although we’ve no word if it’ll ever come to that platform (My advice? Don’t hold your breath.). A simple ‘coming to next-gen platforms’ would’ve allayed all this speculation; then again, this is Kojima and Konami we’re talking about.

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