What I thought about the VGAs 2012


A picture of Johnny Drama’s gotta be worth at least a billion words, but I shall try to elaborate nonetheless. Here’s what I thought about:

The Walking Dead winning Game of the Year

See above picture. Seriously, if XCOM wasn’t it, this is the only GOTY winner I’d have been happy with. It’s a testament to the sheer quality and emotional impact that Telltale managed to pack into their stellar game. To put this victory into perspective, here’s a list of the publishers of the last 3 winners – Bethesda Softworks (subsidiary of ZeniMax Media), Rockstar Games and Sony Computer Entertainment, I think it’s safe to say that those are some pretty big fish.  Telltale made and published The Walking Dead, all off their own bat; and now, their name’s up on that list, deservedly so. For this achievement, they also won Studio of the Year, and I don’t think anybody would begrudge them that.

XCOM Enemy Unknown winning Best PC Game

XCOM was my personal pick for Best PC Game and Game of the Year, so I’m pretty happy that it picked this one up. I’m glad it’s gotten the recognition it deserves, even if it hasn’t quite managed the appropriate sales yet. Still, Take-Two’s happy, calling it a ‘commercial success’; and, if that means a sequel, so am I.

More after the break.

Journey winning Best PS3 Game, Best Independent Game and Best Original Score

Yes! It would have been easy to overlook Journey – it’s a thatgamecompany game, which means it’s going to stretch the boundaries of what a game is. What it turned out to be was one of the best gaming experiences I had in 2012. I’m also pleased to see that that fantastic soundtrack get recognized and appreciated.

Borderlands 2 winning Best Shooter and Best Multi-Player Game

While people may quibble about exactly how much of a shooter Borderlands 2 actually is, there’s no denying that it’s a boatload of fun. And when you throw a couple of other players into the mix? It’s flat-out fantastic. No arguments here.

Dishonored winning Best Action Adventure Game

What is this, the Year of the Underdog? (My Chinese calendar’s a little rusty.) Seriously, though, I loved Dishonored and I couldn’t be happier. While the developers themselves have mixed feelings on the matter, I for one can’t wait to see more of Dunwall.

Mass Effect 3 winning Best RPG

Um. Really?

Dameon Clarke (Handsome Jack, Borderlands 2) winning Best Performance By a Human Male

While I thought Dave Fennoy deserved this one for his exceptional performance as Lee…well, I still do. (Is this what fanboyism feels like?)

Melissa Hutchison winning Best Performance By a Human Female (Clementine, The Walking Dead)

Justice is served. Honestly, the entire premise of The Walking Dead would have just fallen through if Clementine wasn’t a realistically lovable character. Thanks to Ms. Hutchison, she was; and then some!

Grand Theft Auto V winning Most Anticipated Game

Well, yes.

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  1. Can’t agree more on most of the pc picks and no idea about consoles yet! 😀
    Keep it going arjun

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