No need to get excited, it’s only a brand-new trailer for GTA V

Almost a year after that wonderful debut (those teasing #$^!@#%s!) comes the second official trailer for GTA V. And if you haven’t clicked ‘play’ already, we need to have a talk.

A lot of information about GTA V’s been revealed in the last few weeks – we’ve got a release date, confirmation of the three-protagonists rumour and a fairly staggering estimate of the size of the gameworld we’ll be commiting all sorts of illegalities in come Spring 2013.

Click on past the break to find out what I thought about the video.

So, three protagonists. Franklin didn’t get too fleshed out in this trailer; however, Trevor looks to be just the sort of delightfully-homicidal madman we’ve come to expect from GTA over the years. That said, Michael’s pretty much set to be my favourite character – that ‘Bounce?’ is still funny on the 37th watch.

I loved that see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil moment at the end.

Laugh-out-load moments = 4

Was it just me, or did that dog seem vaguely prominent?

The song is Skeletons, by Stevie Wonder, and it’s starting to grow on me.

Planes, trains and a skydiving SUV – goddamn, GTA, I’ve missed you.





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