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Here’s looking at you, kids!

You and you and mostly me and you!

21 days before the world ends, I manage to hit a hundred posts. Well, you can’t say I lack a sense of timing, eh?


Dude, where’s my car? – Meet the GTA Legends

I don’t know what would happen if you actually managed to get every GTA protagonist in a single room (apart from all the ‘commandeered’ vehicles parked haphazardly outside); but I do know that I’d give anything to be a fly on that wall, because that would be one hell of a party. Or massacre – really, it could go either way. We’d almost certainly have to bring in Michael Bay for the documentary, too.

This artwork is the creation of Patrick Brown – he’s a gamer and an immensely talented artist, and that’s a very good combination for the rest of us. I highly recommend browsing through his work on Deviant Art, so much so that I’m going to link to it again!

Click on past the break for the remaining pictures in Patrick’s ‘GTA Legends’ series.

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Because We Can – That’s no moon…

Look upon his works, ye mighty, and despair!

I wonder if dragons would’ve done Alderaan any good. Nah…


No need to get excited, it’s only a brand-new trailer for GTA V

Almost a year after that wonderful debut (those teasing #$^!@#%s!) comes the second official trailer for GTA V. And if you haven’t clicked ‘play’ already, we need to have a talk.

A lot of information about GTA V’s been revealed in the last few weeks – we’ve got a release date, confirmation of the three-protagonists rumour and a fairly staggering estimate of the size of the gameworld we’ll be commiting all sorts of illegalities in come Spring 2013.

Click on past the break to find out what I thought about the video.

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That’s What They Said – The Ten Commandments Of Video Game Menus

He’s rapidly becoming my favourite writer on, and Kirk Hamilton knocks it out of the park yet again with this rant of Biblical proportions about what not to do when it comes to game menus. I’m with him on pretty much every point, except the last one – I liked the Max Payne quit screens! No further ado, just click on over and check it out.

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