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Game Informer’s editor gets to see GTA V, drowns under waves of Internet jealousy

According to the above tweet, Andy McNamara will by now have gotten his hands on GTA V, making him eminently eligible for death-by-envy. On the bright side, this means that we should be hearing more about Rockstar’s long-awaited creation fairly soon. (First week of November, according to Kotaku!)

Hitman: Absolution has a story to tell (and an Inception horn to blow)

Seriously, those damn horns are everywhere.

Anyway, Hitman: Absolution – a game I’m stoked enough about to actually use the word ‘stoked’ – has released the now-obligatory developer diary to talk about immersion and storytelling. While I may sound disparaging, I’m actually a pretty big fan of these sort of videos because of how they let us get a look behind the scenes; which, in turn, allows me to fully appreciate the experience that the game delivers. If you’re still not sold, check out the developer diaries/behind-the-scenes videos for any Uncharted game or Heavy Rain.

The rest of the video features the big-name Hollywood talent that IO Interactive’s brought in, such as Vivica Fox (Kill Bill, Independence Day), Shannyn Sossamon (A Knight’s Tale, fun to type) and Powers Boothe (the guy with the coolest name in Hollywood, and Deadwood). Also, at 6:22, if that’s a tip of the hat to one of my favourite movies…points, IO, definite points.

By the time you read this, it’ll be too late to stop Retro City Rampage

If you took around two decades worth of nostalgia and lovingly shaped it into something equal parts labour of love and tongue-in-cheek tribute, you’d have something almost as awesome as Retro City Rampage; which, after years and years of development, is finally out. This can either be seen as a victory for sheer willpower and the guts one guy had to make his vision a reality, or another opportunity to wreak havoc in an urban environment – perhaps in an old-school fashion? Joking aside, this is a legitimately spectacular achievement and it looks to be a pretty awesome game to boot!

Far Cry 3 introduces us to Citra and Dennis, from next door

From the looks of the above ‘Tribe’ trailer, Far Cry 3’s protagonist Jason Brody is going to take the phrase ‘going native’ to a whole new level. Drugs, women and sharp objects have historically not been a great mixture for a series of guys, from William Wallace right up to Walter White. Still, it’s looked terribly interesting ever since that amazing first trailer and we’re just over a month away from seeing how Brody’s story plays out.

Click on past the break for a more detailed look at Citra and Dennis – their hopes, their motivations, and what they really think about pears.

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Watch out, we’ve got an incoming Stealth Bastard: Tactical Espionage Arsehole


Really, I could’ve just made an empty post with that title and I would’ve been happy.

Still, I suppose I should tell you – a deluxe edition of Stealth Bastard, described as a crazy love-child of Metal Gear Solid and Super Meat Boy, will be sneaking up on Steam this November. This edition will, at the very least, feature some brand-new stealth equipment that the freeware version doesn’t have. So who else is planning on picking up the self-described ‘game that injects a syringe-full-o’-adrenaline and a liberal dash of bastard-hardness into the hide-em-up’?

I’ll be honest, they had my attention at ‘bastard’ but they had my money at ‘arsehole’.