Far Cry 3 – If you wanna hang out…

Far Cry 3’s latest trailer introduces Dr. Earnhardt, a…somewhat erratic character who Jason Brody, the protagonist, will encounter during his attempts to escape the island he’s stuck on. Watch the trailer, then click on through past the break for a couple more pictures and reactions.

All right, if you didn’t see what I meant by ‘somewhat erratic’, this picture ought to do it for you. Honestly, he might as well have just popped out from a bush and said “Wanna get high?” Dubious doctors aside, the game’s looking good. Vaas is easily the most interesting antagonist I’ve seen in a while, and the island looks gorgeous. If they can avoid some of the flaws that plagued Far Cry 2, the story of Brody’s efforts to survive a tropical island full of psychopaths could be a very good one indeed.

(Assuming he doesn’t let the good doctor keep sticking him full of hallucinogens, in which case my review of this game will be titled Far Cry 3 – Because I Got High.)


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