Quantic Dream’s Done It Again – Say Hello to Kara

Quantic Dream, the people behind the critically acclaimed Heavy Rain, released the above tech demo – titled ‘Kara’ – during the Game Developer’s Conference. David Cage, founder and lead game designer, was quick to stress that Kara is not an announcement of a game in itself, but rather an indicator as to the direction Quantic Dream will be heading in with its next release. Cage wasn’t very forthcoming with more details, only revealing that the technology behind Kara was at version 1.0 when the clip was made but is now at version 3.0, and that he hopes to show us even more impressive examples of this technology soon.

There’s not much to say here; then again, to be fair, neither Cage nor I really need to say anything – Kara’s more than capable of speaking for herself. As merely a display of technological prowess, that video is staggering; the way that minute nuances of expression and emotion are conveyed through motion-capture (aided and abetted by a wonderful performance from Valorie Curry as Kara) is nothing short of jaw-dropping. However, as a marker for the potential that Cage and company have on their hands, it’s even more exciting than that. Of course, we’ve no guarantee that this is anything more than a tech demo, but Quantic Dream do have some history in this regard – the technology that would eventually become Heavy Rain was first revealed to the world through a tech demo called ‘The Casting‘ at E3 2006.

I’ve been a fan of Quantic Dream right from the beginning; all the way from Omikron : The Nomad Soul in 1999, through 2005’s Indigo Prophecy, right up to Heavy Rain in 2010. Heavy Rain is one of my favourite games of all time, primarily because it managed to consistently do something that most games can’t – it possessed the capacity to genuinely move me, because I had grown to care about its characters. Kara, if anything, proves that Quantic Dream have only gotten better since then; and I, for one, cannot wait to see where they take us from here.

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